The indicator specific to the glareshield mount features vertically oriented hose barbs concealing air hoses under the glareshield.

The probe can be mounted directly on a metal wing surface, inspection plate, or in the case of a fabric wing, on a user-fabricated angle bracket attached to the spar web.

The probe is easily adjusted using a hex wrench.  It is kept firmly in place by internal star  lock washers between the probe and mount.

The panel mount gauge requires a mounting hole 3/8" larger than a standard 2-1/4" instrument hole.  A scribing template is provided to enlarge a 2-1/4" instrument hole, as well as an adaptor plate to fill an existing 3-1'8" instrument hole.

     Paired color-coded air lines make routing through the wing a snap.  Hose barb connections require no cable ties.

Lift Monitor System Components